Friday, July 1, 2011


This would describe a lot of things today... my outfit (which I would call simple, which is basically just code for "boring" - that's what happens when you're about to get in a car for approximately 5 hours), my friend Elizabeth (her own words, not mine), but most definitely not the weather. It is beyond hot today. Honestly I don't want to leave the house to walk to the car. It's that bad. Ughh

 old navy tshirt
martin&osa shorts
born sandals

So as I said, the weather is pretty horrible today. We spent approximately 2 minutes outside and ran back in. One benefit of the crazy hot weather though is getting to douse my sister with cold water from the hose when she gets back from yoga. Oh so satisfying, especially considering how annoying she was this morning :)

And this is my friend and lovely photographer for the day, Elizabeth. Great photo, right? She let me put it up, don't worry. Normally she makes perfectly normal faces, this was just special for the camera, thanks bud :)

And this is my pretty new purse! Natalie got it for me at an estate sale a while back, and the only problem is that whomever it belonged to before was a smoker, so it smells pretty bad. We've let it sit outside on the porch hoping that the smell would leach out with no luck. So the next step is probably baking soda. Don't want to be carrying around a bag smelling like smoke, people will get the wrong idea...

Ok, so that's about it! Hopefully everyone will get themselves together soon so that we can start driving and avoid the worst of the pre-4th traffic. Fingers crossed, but to be honest I don't have that much faith in Natalie's ability to move quickly... Have a lovely weekend!


  1. You girls look so cute and casual! Perfect for a lazy summer day. :)

    That vintage bag is lovely. Too bad it smells like smoke! Yikes! Good luck getting the bad scent out. xo

  2. I like the bag too, but that's unfortunate that it smells like smoke! I hate the smell of it and I hope you can get it off!

  3. cute casual outfit! :)


  4. Nice outfit, simple but cool. I also really like the bag. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated :)


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