Sunday, July 24, 2011

my feet hurt

So last night I had my first shift working at Old Navy, and it was actually pretty fun! Despite all the folding...  it sort of makes you bitter, making a pile of clothes absolutely perfect only to have someone knock it over and rummage through it for their size only to decide that they don't really want it anyways. I think I enjoyed the fitting room the most, since you got to chat with people and there was always something going on. Working the closing shift is not much fun though, as it means you spend an hour or so (or longer) after everyone has left the store folding. And folding. And folding some more. I'm doing the same shift tomorrow night too, so I suppose I'll be doing it again! Maybe my folding skills will improve with time? Anyways, here is my outfit yesterday from work

old navy tshirt
 jcrew belt
banana republic shorts

I am loving these shorts! For one, I got them for a great price, thanks to my lovely employee discount, and two, they are so comfortable! Oh, and I really like the length. Wow, this employee discount thing really works in the company's advantage! I'm already spending money at their stores and recommending products to people... very clever, Old Navy, very clever

This  morning I volunteered at the carousel, which as usual was lots of fun, even if my poor feet (still tired from last night) barely made it through. Then Natalie came to visit me and we walked around the gardens at the zoo! They even have this gorgeous Japanese tea garden where they have tea ceremonies during the summer, and just as Natalie and I were looking at each other like we should sign up for one, the volunteer tells us they have a waiting list of a year and that we should sign up for next summer. Oh. But it was okay because we got mini donuts, a.k.a. the tastiest things in the world! I always smell them on my way to the car after leaving the carousel but never let myself get them. And now I see why. They are so perfect, so crisp and sugary, that now that I've had them I don't know if I'll ever be able to walk by them again! Such a lack of self-control I have. Darn.

So for now my tentative plan for the rest of the afternoon is to sit my butt down on the couch and not move until my feet stop throbbing. Seems fair, doesn't it? Tomorrow at least I'm at the Minnesota International Center for the morning, so that's a few hours in a chair before the evening shift at Old Navy. Yay for me actually being busy! Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment. :))
    This look is very sweet, I looove this shorts!!


  2. Thanks for your nice comment ! Love your photos, totally lovely !!! xoxo


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