Wednesday, July 6, 2011

simple summer day

So tonight Jenny, Natalie and I are going to see Britney Spears at the Excel Center! We went to pick up our tickets this morning and they turned out to be pretty good (especially considering we got them 50% on Groupon - her tickets are kind of outrageous). But as for right now we're all pretty casual, in some typical-summer-day outfits. Walked up to Punch for a yummy pizza lunch, then went to the mall where I found some very cute purchases (despite my resolution not to spend much money. Put me in a mall and I'm such a fail...)

hanes tshirt
born sandals
everything else thrifted

Normally I don't like short floral skirts on me - don't ask me why, I've always just felt that way. But Jenny and I were at Ordinary People (a consignment/vintage shop in St. Paul) and we decided that for $10, this was a pretty good pick. And I quite like it! It's a bit short, but I'm a bit taller than average, so what's new.

We went to the flea market in St. Germain (a town near the cabin in Wisconsin) and I picked up these charms and the purse below, which I am so excited about! I saw it and immediately wanted it, then got chastised by my mother for how many little satchels I already own. So I walked away, then ran back about 10 minutes later to buy it - it was only $12. So psyched. And the charms are an old key and a Spelling bee charm, both were $1 apiece, thought they would be fun additions to my collection :)

And here we have Jenny in a crop top from H&M (I only know that because I was there when she bought it, a.k.a. last time we were at the mall). She always forgets that while crop tops may be an ordinary occurrence in L.A., they are not as widely accepted in the Midwest. However, the crop is only minor, and I think she looks adorable. Speaking of things that are not de rigeur in Minnesota, she bought this gorgeous bodysuit at American Apparel! Maybe we'll go out to a club or something and I can take pictures of it for you all, because it's pretty amazing- here is a picture of Megan Fox in it on the cover of Rolling Stone. Jenny, however, plans on wearing it with pants. And has a bit less on top (if she doesn't mind me saying), so it looks much classier on her. Oh, and I'm sure she would want me to mention that Khloe Kardashian has also worn it. A fun purchase I think :)

Ok, now I need to get dressed. We're leaving in about 10 minutes... and I have absolutely no I idea what I'm going to wear. If only I could wear heels! Alas my heel isn't strong enough for that yet. Ok. Really need to go. Have a lovely evening :)


  1. loving the key necklace!

  2. Hi! I like this post so much, you two look really great!
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  3. I love those types of bags! I love the laser design or whatever it is. I think the skirt looks great on you, and I kinda feel you with the whole floral skirt thing. I don't wear them because I feel like they make me look bigger sometimes, although i did score a pair of floral shorts from H&M that i can't even fit, but they are my motivation shorts to keep up with my working out and I want to wear them to the beach. That key necklace is So cute too!

  4. Your leather bag is so great too ;) thank you for your sweet comment ;)))



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