Tuesday, July 12, 2011

best. day. ever. (again)

As I decided that I wanted to christen this post as the best day ever, I realized that I've already used that title before! This post, however, was describing how I was finally allowed to walk small amounts without my crutches. So I guess that takes the cake. But to be honest, yesterday (what the title was referring to) was pretty exciting, because... I got a job! Finally, someone got past my lack of job experience :) I am now going to be your local sales associate (well, if you live in the Twin Cities) at the Old Navy in the Mall of America! Pretty darn exciting, at least for me - and maybe for you? I'll stop harping about my lack of money/daily activities now, and perhaps even have interesting stories to tell? That would probably be better than this rambling...

jcrew button down and pants
toms shoes

So I just realized that I wore an outfit comprised entirely of J. Crew items today. Ugh. I really try not to do that! I find that, although I love J. Crew and their aesthetic, when I wear too much of it at a time it can encourage a sort of cookie-cutter dressing, you know? Because it all fits together in such a perfect, matching way, I start to feel really repetitive really fast. I mean, I would say I still look cute, but I feel like I'm cheating in some way...

Yes, yes I am wearing my Toms again. My one consolation for you, my readers, is for the amount of time I wear them, you would think they would wear out soon? And then they will fall to pieces and I won't be able to put pictures of them on here anymore. Or I could just wear other shoes? No, too easy...

Had my first full day of the internship today! My first day was technically yesterday, but due to an unfortunate power outage there was a lack of work for the interns, causing us to be sent home after only two very unproductive hours. But today, I was able to be there for the full five! I helped write proposals and itineraries (I'm helping out at the Minnesota International Center two days a week, if you haven't seen from my earlier posts, like this one) as well as filing of new resources they are working on. It may not sound very interesting, but I really enjoyed it! And I think I may try to do something connected to this when I go back to D.C.? I mean, their program all radiates out from the agencies in D.C., so having experience working at their organization would probably help me find something else of that type... we shall see. As far as this summer goes, I plan to continue helping out there, as well as honing my customer service skills. Actual (low-paying) job, here I come!


  1. I don't think your look is cookie-cutter at all, but if you feel that way, you could always throw on a couple random pieces of jewelry or a scarf for extra flair?


  2. Your look is relax and happy that we both love toms:)

    Life is good/ happy blogging:)

  3. I love your outfit - particularly the toms and seeing as this is my first time stopping by your website they're brand new to me and I so want a pair!! :)



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