Tuesday, April 5, 2011

best. day. ever.

I mean, in the grand scheme of things that might be a bit of an overstatement, but its been a pretty awesome day - my physical therapist told me I should walk in the dorm without crutches! She had me do an exercise where I walked over cones, first with one crutch, then with my crutch nearby, then without them altogether. And I did it! I still walk kind of weirdly, but its such a big step I can't get over it! Oh the things I can do now... I had my friend hold my crutches so I could walk down the stairs outside our dorm like a normal person, and - I showered in a real shower stall tonight! Not in the horrid handicapped stall, with its badly designed bench and wimpy water pressure. I mean, our showers aren't awesome, but I was actually so happy to be in them I didn't even care. So overall, pretty awesome day.

jcrew cardigan
zara tank
gap jeans

Now all I need is for the weather to warm up and to get out of these tennis shoes and my life will be perfect :)

Sooo, my outfit was just ok today, kind of simple, not really any detail shots or extra photos necessary. So I wanted to reflect my happiness with some gorgeous cherry blossom photos! Some girls on my hall went this weekend, and although I didn't go because not only would it have been logistically difficult, but I had a lot of reading, they took pictures and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

For sure will be going out to this next year when I am a normal, walking college student again. But on the bright side, we have some gorgeous flowers here too! Earlier we had crocuses, and these gorgeous red tulips outside of White-Gravenor. And we have lilacs!! I was so sad to be missing the lilacs, my house back in MN is surrounded with them and they smell divine... but I'm rambling again. I still have basically nothing to do. Before 7 this evening I had already done my Russian and Econ for tomorrow as well as doing a quarter of the philosophy readings not due until next week (working ahead? horrible I know). Ughhh I will go insane if I have another movie night in my room while the rest of the world has lives. But oh well. Today goes to show that I will be there soon!

Hope you are all having lovely spring days :)


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  2. Nice outift! :)
    By the way, are you done with your therapy, if so, how long did it take, cos I will soon be going through with mine next week.

    Fashion Rehab

  3. Beautiful pictures, love the flowers. xoxo

  4. beautiful pictures, glad it was such a good day :) ♥

  5. beautiful photos.

    Thanks for the comment :).

    Helen, X

  6. thanks for your comment! you have a great blog, I'm a new follower:)

  7. The last three photos are beautiful!


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