Thursday, April 21, 2011

home again!

How I love being at home! I have come to love Georgetown, my life and my friends in Washington D.C, but nothing compares to spending time with my family in Minnesota (despite the approximately 30 degree difference - no shorts here!). Today has been a relaxing day, with a chiropractic adjustment and a massage. Crutches really mess up your back, so apparently I'm a mess... But they really improved my walking! Assuming the doctor doesn't uncover anything earth-shattering in my appointment on Monday, I should be walking on one crutch when I get back and moving shortly to none at all! 

 old navy sweater
 vintage necklace
 gap jeans

Since we (or rather I) didn't leave the house today other than for a lunch outing to Noodles&Company (why don't we have these in D.C? Their pesto is my absolute favorite) I decided to keep my outfit simple. What really made it is the necklace, another awesome piece from my Grandma in Iowa.

I love all the jewelry she brings me! Mom really wants to keep this one, and she may have to fight me for it! We both decided that the clasp, with its beautiful detailing, should be worn in front and shown off. This new batch of jewelry also came with amazing silver pendant locket with a little carved scene on the front and enough pretty, delicate chains to last me a lifetime! I'm sure I'll be showing you more of them very soon.

Not much to say now that I'm here! Oooh but one thing: lent ends tomorrow! At sundown I am officially allowed to eat all the muffins and cupcakes I want! It's been a hard road, and I'm sad to say that for the last 40 days I've been trying to replace my carb fix with bagels (not any healthier...) but I'm almost done. Tomorrow mom and I will head over to a new bakery downtown to pick out the perfect muffins, and Natalie is baking a cake to celebrate her own as well as my mother's return to sweets - they both gave them all up for Lent! I don't know how they did it, I would have gone absolutely insane. 

But I'm going to bed now, so good night world :)

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