Sunday, April 10, 2011

lazy sunday

Slept in until 11 this morning and it was absolutely amazing! Been doing homework on and off all day but honestly, and as usual, I don't have that much to do, so it's been pretty chill. The weather wasn't as warm as expected - actually, for a while, it was 20 degrees warmer at home in MN that it was here. How does that happen?? But still it was lovely, and tomorrow is supposed to hit 80 degrees - excited to break out the shorts!

zara tshirt
bdg cardigan
vintage necklace
jcrew pants

Bad news about the foot though: it hurts. A lot. And I honestly don't know why! My heel (a.k.a the formerly broken part) doesn't hurt at all. It's every other joint in my foot that screams every time I try to make a walking motion. Got to be honest, its kind of disheartening. But I have physical therapy tomorrow, so wish me luck! Hopefully Sarah can shed some light on whats going on.

It was a pretty fun weekend overall though! We went out to a Lebanese restaurant on Friday night for Jessie's birthday (she's a girl on my hall) and despite the horrible service, the food was really really good (I ate more carbs than I care to recall...) Afterward we got fro yo at sweetgreen - complete with candles for the birthday girl. It was my first time on the metro with crutches, and it went well! 

Saturday on the other hand was pretty chill, just hanging out in the library doing homework and spending the night in the dorm hanging out with friends. But its a good balance, you know? I just don't understand the people that go out every night - its just so tiring! And speaking of people having a bit too much fun on the weekends, one of the elevators was closed today for cleaning because some idiot threw up. When the elevator is your only option to get out of the building and is now at least twice as slow as its previous turtle- speed, things can get a bit annoying. Hopefully it will be up and running again tomorrow...

That's about all I have to say! Hope you all had a lovely weekend too, get some sleep because tomorrow Monday's back again (does it really have to happen every week?) Good night :)


  1. Love your vintage necklace :) Youch hope your foot improves with the therapy! x

  2. great outfit :)

    --Michelle from pinklemonincrystal


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