Tuesday, April 12, 2011

and it goes downhill...

The weather at least. It was rainy and gross outside, so much so that I only made it to 1 out of my 2 classes... that's probably mostly my fault though to be honest. So here's the story: this morning I wake up to find what looks like a popped blood vessel in my eye, so I have to wear glasses. I made it to Russian ok because I was on my scooter and able to mostly shield my eyes. However, while walking to Russian on my crutches in the torrential downpour that is spring in Washington D.C, the hood of my raincoat is blown off my head, I can't hold it up because my hands are busy crutching, and my hair and glasses are getting soaked - basically I just said screw it, turned around and went back in the dorm. Good decision, no? I think so

topshop necklace
old navy shirt
thrifted belt
jcrew pants

Basically that's the only story from my day - ever since we got the final paper assignment for my philosophy class and it says that we can write our paper on Aristotle OR Marx OR Macintyre, I've just decided that since I obviously won't be writing a paper on Marx I should just stop reading him. I read the Communist Manifesto, how much else by him do you really need? Therefore I've been left with a lot of hulu time, as well as time to - memorize all the capitals in the world! Yes, I finally did it! As you may or may not know, I've been studying these for my geography final, and it's been slowly melting my brain. But now its done, and with some refreshers I should be good on that for the final! Yayy!

That's really all I have to say! Have a lovely evening :)


  1. i love your top! great look, great blog!


  2. Great necklace! Denim shirts are definitely in style right now!


  3. awesome necklace

    x Camilla



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