Friday, April 1, 2011

rough day

 topshop necklace
 target top
 gap jeans

 kirkland sweater (as I said before, yes, it is indeed from Costo... awesome right?)
 vintage necklace
jcrew pants

My innocence has been shattered. Last night while studying Russian on my bed I look down to find a mouse scurrying throughout my shoes on the floor, not 3 feet away. A mouse. In my room. As most girls are wont to do (despite the fact that I owned pet mice as a child) I screamed and texted/facebooked just about everyone telling them to come save me. I mean, when you have a broken foot and need crutches, you can't even run! What is my life? I was almost content to just stay there, until my roommate texted me saying she googled it and found that mice can climb walls. And my friend facebooked me saying they jump. Really? Are these super-mice? Clearly I spent the rest of the evening in my friends room, despite the venture back in to set up mouse traps (which, may I add, was an adventure in its own right, one that didn't work out so well...). That's really all I have to say, it kind of overshadowed the rest of my week.

P.S Sorry for no faces in the pictures (they are from Wednesday and Thursday respectively, by the way) - as the post explains, things were rough, I think my will to take good photos suffered along with it...

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  1. sorry to hear about your encounter..but looks live you survived! fabulous necklace!


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