Monday, April 11, 2011

gorgeous day

So apparently Mondays equal awesome weather... almost makes them manageable, no? But honestly, both today (sadly a Monday) and last Monday were beautiful, in the 70's if not over 80. So last week I got to wear a dress, and today I broke out the shorts. It was a pretty awesome moment for me

coco love shirt
h&m cardigan
vintage necklace
martin&osa shorts

The first picture, besides showing my necklace, also shows off the adorable pattern of my shirt! Its covered in tiny little foxes, and I absolutely adore it.

Shows the detail on the back - such a fun, interesting shirt! Got it for pretty cheap back last semester when I visited my friend Beth in NYC for the weekend and we had a Soho day. Good times.

So I had physical therapy today and the good news is that I don't have anything horribly wrong with my foot that is making it hurt so badly. Apparently I just have a lot of swelling in my foot that is pushing on the nerves and causing it to hurt. Therefore I just need to ice it frequently and take regular ibuprofen along with elevation to make the swelling go down and it should start to feel better. That, along with all the exercises I'm doing to strengthen that leg, should (fingers crossed) have me walking fairly soon! And don't worry, I'm not getting carried away with myself - by fairly soon, I mean maybe in a few weeks? We shall see. I've given up on putting dates on when I should be done. It just leads to disappointment and stress.

In other news, I am sooo near Easter Break! I go home a week from Wednesday, and I can't wait to see everyone and get a mini-break from school before the hectic-ness of finals. But for now, I think I will just watch some hulu and eat a bit of the pita and hummus I bought for myself at the library... Yum. Have a good night :)

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