Sunday, April 24, 2011

new (old) jewelry

So, in lieu of outfit pictures tonight (though Natalie and I did have pretty fabulous Easter outfits if I do say so myself), this post is dedicated to some gorgeous new jewelry Natalie and I got from our Grandma Bev!

First is this ring, which we have decided that during the times we don't live together (a.k.a anytime except the summer) gets to stay with me. It's my great-grandmother Gigi's class ring, and I absolutely adoreee it. It has such a cool vintage feel, and I do love my rings! Can't wait to be off crutches so I can start wearing them all again (another downside to dressing with crutches - rings cut into your hands in a quite painful way. Is there no end to the havoc this injury will wreak on my fashion?!)

And here is the piece Natalie gets to keep with her! It's also Gigi's, and it's from when she was the Grand Matron (I believe that is the correct title?) of the Order of the Eastern Star. Funnily enough, when we were traipsing around D.C while moving me into Georgetown, we saw a building that belonged to the Order and thought it was really creepy... but since we have family connections, maybe we can become members! That would be kind of awesome

So, it was a lovely Easter with the Vandenburgh family. We went to church, then headed over to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. Natalie and Dad tried to bike there, then my dad popped two tires and we had to go pick them up. Then we forgot the ice cream and the bread at home and had to turn around to go back about halfway there... overall it was a long trip. But dinner was yummy and Natalie made this amaaazing chocolate pudding cake thing. Now we are all home and I am putting up this post then packing to go back to school tomorrow! Can't believe how fast break went by, but I'm excited to get back to school, only a few more weeks until summer!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter, good night :)

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