Thursday, April 14, 2011

two day update

Due to my failure to post yesterday, you get two outfits today! I like them both, but if you ask me they look like they come from to completely different climates. Washington springs are so confusing - yesterday it was chilly and drizzling (although I will say it cleared up nicely in the evening) and today was absolutely gorgeous and sunny! I am just not mentally equipped to deal with these changes. I get myself in the swing of summer clothes, thinking up outfits with floral sundresses and denim shorts, then I wake up the next day to find it pouring buckets with a high of 40 degrees. Difficulties to be sure

 jcrew tshirt
 h&m button down
 gap jeans

 So yesterday was an interesting day - managed to make it to all of my classes despite the rain, which I'm proud of, but I have to say I totally failed on the homework front. I probably watched 4 episodes of "Make it or Break it" (my new bad-tv obsession - they have all the back episodes on hulu and I'm making my way through) and read only I would say, 14 pages of philosophy? That's what I get for going up to the 4th floor to do homework with other people. Pros: puppy chow and good conversation. Cons: distraction, distraction, distraction!

old navy tank top
zara cardigan
vintage skirt

I must say today was gorgeous! We even managed to get our T.A to let us have philosophy discussion outside on the grass, which was quite lovely. And walking out of my econ class I saw the most beautiful tree with little pink flowers, I think it must have just bloomed or I would have noticed it before. Little things that make my Thursdays (the most busy day for me, class-wise) a little bit better.

That's about it, want to keep this post short and sweet since it has double the photos as usual - hope you all had gorgeous weather like we had today! Enjoy the evening :)


  1. I love these outfits! haha, I love Make It Or Break it's not as good this season though. I watch it on Hulu too:)


  2. I love the second outfit, it's perfect for the sunny days we're having these days (even here in Spain!!) Your skirt is definitely gorgeous! ;)

    Marta, xxx

  3. Love your skirt!!! It's so pretty and you look great in it.
    Thanks for yr comment.


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