Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and... we're back

Back in D.C, back to real life (sort of? I feel like college - or at least the college I'm currently experiencing - doesn't count). Regardless, the weather is b-e-a-utiful here (unlike the 40 degrees and pouring rain my poor family is currently experiencing in lovely MN) and I'm back without a scooter! I left the horrid instrument - I'm being mean to it. It was a love-hate relationship - back at home, and I've been instructed by the doctor to walk sans crutches! It's painful and I'm kind of gimpy, but it's just so exciting! Went to the dining hall for the first time on my own two feet, it was quite a moment. On another note, my outfit today:

 jcrew shirt
martin&osa shorts

 Oh how I love summer clothes! I know that I will be complaining about them soon enough, and begin waxing poetic about my sweaters and boots. But for now, let the record show that I am excited to start wearing my shorts and sundresses again (though I am disturbed to discover that many of those dresses that were quite short to begin with are now tipping more into the scandalously short region. Did I experience some sort of growth spurt unknowingly? Stress). Though note the fact that my feet are still cut off in the photograph - I am still forced to wear those lovely tennis shoes, and probably will for some time. No flip flops or cute flat sandals for Alison.

rings (from left to right): gift from Grandma (studded), flea market in Oregon (rose), class ring, market in Greece

How I've missed all my rings! As I've complained many a time before, they are just a nuisance while on crutches. So now that I'm no longer on crutches, I went a little crazy with my rings and threw them all on. 

Today was a pretty good day, chill as per usual considering my current schedule. After all classes were over, I went to Sweetgreen for dinner and tried their salads for the first time. They are quite good! I would definitely walk down there once and a while for a break from the dining hall (where the salads are most definitely lacking). And I will throw in a little reference to Glee - the episode was an hour and a half tonight and sooo good! Especially love the mash-up Quinn and Rachel did in the beginning. Ok. Done being annoying and talking about silly tv. 

Trying to get this up before midnight since I haven't posted in Sunday... we shall see if I succeed. Good night!

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