Monday, April 18, 2011

oh mondays

Is it weird, that I like Mondays? Only because on Mondays I only have two classes, meaning that I'm done at noon - almost as good as Fridays, where I start at 11 and am done at 1, but who doesn't like Fridays? Once again, the weather was lovely. Its like the world is trying to make Mondays more manageable for everyone by giving us nice weather! Keep it coming :)

jcrew top and cardigan
gap jeans

I just got back from a relaxing session playing piano in the practice rooms behind my dorm - the rooms aren't soundproofed and there are only two of them, which is annoying, but honestly playing the piano is such a stress reliever I don't even mind! Only thing is I think I might be giving myself a mild case of carpal tunnel with the crutching, and playing the piano doesn't exactly help that... oh well

Just some detail shots. My mother, a.k.a the jcrew sale ninja, picked these up for me as a little pick-me-up over spring break since I wasn't exactly spending it like I planned (in other words I was at home on the couch with my foot elevated instead of on the beach with my friend in California - bit of a difference). But I really like the cardigan! Most all of my cardigans are neutrals, and this kind of burnt red is really a nice change.

Can't believe that I go home in two days! It's been a long stretch since spring break, and I can't wait to go home to show my family all the progress I've made in my healing - fingers crossed I will be walking by the end of the semester, I honestly think I'm really close! Send healing thoughts my way

Deciding what to do tonight, since I've actually done all the homework I have due for this week! I know, I'm so ahead (or, I barely had any to start with - but that doesn't sound as good). Perhaps a movie? I've really had the urge to see Pirate Radio, brought it with me to school and haven't watched it in a while... we shall see. Have a good night :)


  1. i love the detailing on your top, such a pretty color

  2. I definitely agree about the Mondays! Another plus is usually I feel more organized, and am more motivated to put my all into the week, school, fashion and life in general! Good luck with your foot!

  3. good luck with the recovery. Love the closeup shot, the textures and colours are great x
    Lydz xX

  4. hahhah I LOVE that tankkk. I so should've bought it! And Cali or MN we still got to hang out at least!


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