Thursday, April 7, 2011

oh thursday

Pretty good day overall - can't believe how the week has flown! I had physical therapy, got to be honest it wasn't as fun as Tuesday's session, with its exciting walking discovery. Instead, now that we have discovered that I can walk we've graduated from picking up marbles with my toes to having me balance on my bad foot. Which, by the way, is physically impossible for me at the moment. I have absolutely nothing in the way of ankle muscles, and it was actually embarrassing how much I failed at it. And my foot hurts. A fair amount actually. But I know that its necessary, its just soreness from the ankle and stress from a general lack of use. I'm getting there. It's been what, 3 weeks of therapy? So another couple and hopefully I can graduate to a functioning undergrad once more

forever21 necklace
old navy shirt
gap jeans

Cut-off head - remember when I said I wouldn't do this? It is actually unfortunate how often this happens, but as you can tell by looking at the time this was posted, its kind of late, I look kind of messy. Such is life.

Guess what? I now know almost all the countries in the world! In the School of Foreign Service, we have a geography requirement, specifically "Map of the Modern World" - a one-credit course based completely on the final, on which we must get 70% to pass. To be prepared we need, among other things, to know the locations and capitals of all the countries in the world. And with the help of (suchhh a fun site by the way) I know all countries - except the ones in Oceania. But does anyone actually know those? And capitals are a different story all together...

Ok I'm going to bed now! For this first time this week I get to sleep in and I plan on getting as much sleep as possible - sweet dreams everyone :)


  1. Love your shirt! And that necklace is stunning :) enjoy your sleep in!


  2. Aww, this is beautiful !
    I love it !

    Henar <3
    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  3. Chic outfit, love the shirt & necklace. xoxo


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