Wednesday, April 20, 2011

warmer days

So here's my outfit from yesterday, which despite being cloudy turned out to be quite nice - much like today! I'm so excited that it seems to be finally getting warmer here. Like actually warmer, without any random 40 degree rainstorm days (fingers crossed). Sadly, today I'm getting on a plan and going to somewhere much colder (I mean this in a fashion sense only - I can't wait to go home, even though its cold)

h&m button down
bdg tank
martin&osa shorts

Bringing out my shorts makes me miss Martin&Osa again - I don't know how many of you will recognize the name, it was an offshoot of American Eagle targeted at an older age group. It was so cute and classic and had great sales!  I own two pairs of their shorts and they are my absolute favorite. Then they closed it down and filled its place with American Eagle's new store aimed at babies and such. Really?

I'm packing my suitcase (a.k.a filling it with all my dirty laundry so I can do it at home for free) and getting ready to head to the airport - while deciding whether or not to go to the early map class. I can't go to my section, but technically I would have time to go the earlier section. And since I gave myself a little gift this morning and slept through my 8:50 philosophy class, I feel like I should go. I probably will. Look at me, going to classes like I actually attend this school! (Just kidding mom ^^)

On that note, happy birthday to my mom! I'm so glad that I get to come home for your birthday (thank you Catholic school and Easter break), love you and can't wait to see you and the rest of the family! 

Cheers everyone, have a lovely afternoon :)

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