Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i pick up on things too late

So I just got my April issue of Vogue in the mail, and as I actually don't think I go to Georgetown anymore (based on the fact that I generally have zero work and don't participate in any activities due to the foot. Don't worry mom - I still attend college) reading it cover to cover. The editor's letter was a birthday shout-out to Grace Coddington, and included were a few shots from some of her more memorable shoots. And she is such an amazing stylist! I know, I know after seeing The September Issue (like the whole fashion world except me) everyone knows and loves Grace Coddington. But although I recognized the name, I never knew that much of her work. So I decided to look her up! And like with Annie Leibovitz, I fell in love (by the way, Coddington styled that Alice in Wonderland shoot of Leibovitz's that I loved so much. Perfection.) 

So here are some shots from her "Paris Je T'aime" shoot, my new favorite, for Vogue in September 2007 - enjoy!

I love the styling! The flapper-esque vibe (the over-the-top accesories, frilly slipdresses) combined with more tailored, put-together elements in some of the photos, is just such an amazing mix! And who doesn't love parisian (or french in general...) style? Je ne sais qui! Aren't I punny today... that was kind of bad...

So, update on my life: not much. I took photos of my outfit yesterday, but then I realized that I was sitting in bed with my computer and didn't even have the will to move over to my desk to get the camera to upload the pictures. My outfit was just that mediocre. I mean it was fine, but the sweater/necklace, buttondown/necklace combos that I've been rocking in the past few days have gotten a bit dull. It's just soooo cold and gross outside! And I refuse to wear tights for the aforementioned reason that I would have to wear them with my lovely, supportive tennis shoes and that is not even remotely a sartorial option. 

I have physical therapy again tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed that my ankle has improved enough for me to start putting weight on my foot again! I'm anxious to continue my recovery... but for now I'm going to bed! I have to be over in Dupont at 9 a.m - a.k.a getting up at 8. Its going to be rough. Good night!

photos courtesy of vogue


  1. loving those pics from that editorial, looks like a good one. Hope you get well and are able to do stuff again, and thanks for the comment on mine. Cute blog, Following you. hope to see your fashions when you are fine :)
    Lydz xX

  2. such elegant and beautiful images, thanks for sharing!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. Great theme for the shoot. Thanks for posting these up =)


  4. By far one of my favourite editorials. Grace never puts a foot wrong.

    The Heartbreak

  5. Love,love,love this editorial!!!Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the pictures! Good luck with the ankle ;)

    Melvin Jonckers

  7. I agree- that was one of my favorites shoots from vogue. So elegant and made you feel like you were back in time!

  8. omg these photos are absolute stunning!! the 20's is one of my favorite fashion eras!! i cant believe i missed this issue <3 thanks so much for sharing <3 now i have to see if i could find this magazine somewhere!!

  9. Amazing pictorial, I had no idea of who she was, looking her up, love delicate feminine pieces!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  10. loove this style! great editorial xx

  11. Fun blog and great outfit choices!


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