Thursday, March 24, 2011

pretty pretty princesses

My friend posted an article on my facebook wall yesterday with photos from a disney-inspired Annie Leibovitz shoot. They are all so pretty and fanciful that I just need to put them up. And in preparation for this post I googled Leibovitz to look over more of her earlier works. And found even more of her inspiring photos! So, instead of being just the disney photos that I was sent, I also want to share some photos from an Alice in Wonderland-inspired shoot that she did for Vogue in 2003. So. Gorgeous.

And switch to Alice in Wonderland (I must also add as a side-not that I am slightly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland-esque fashion. I don't know why but the quirkiness and fantasticalness - is that word? - of it all is just so fascinating to me! Oh, and I loveeee Natalie Vodianova)

Update on my life recently: just took my econ midterm and am kind of freaking out about it... Probably I should have studied more, and as I am a cripple and therefore have no extracurricular activities, clearly I had time to study more and am just too lazy. Last semester on this midterm the curve was so extreme that 65% was an A - maybe that could happen this time? My only hope for this test is that he is merciful with his partial credit and that everyone else screwed up as much as I did and helped the curve. We shall see.

Sooo, to drown my sorrows I am now in the library writing this post, drinking a huge mango-orange iced tea, and eating bagels like its my job. I was planning to work on the reading for philosophy thats due next week, but I've decided that the only homework I will do today is the homework for tomorrow. As in only my russian. Everything else can wait for the weekend. 

So now I guess I will do that Russian homework? Seems like way too much work for my brain right now. But I suppose I must. And then I can be done thinking for the rest of the day! Just what I need. 

Have a lovely Thursday!

all photos by annie leibovitz

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