Tuesday, March 8, 2011

designer spotlight: milly

So this particular post was inspired by a trip to the mall with my mother yesterday. While we were there on a particular mission, namely finding me some comfortable and supportive (yet still cute) shoes as well as a raincoat for those precipitation-filled East Coast springs (as crutches aren't really conducive to holding an umbrella)... wow that was a really long aside. So basically on our way out of Nordstrom my mom and I were both taken by this adorable little bag. We looked at the M tag and thought, who is this by? When I looked inside I was surprised to find it was made by the label Milly! I didn't know they made accessories! After our prolonged staring lured a salesperson over, he told us how the accessories line was new from the Spring 2011 collection. And when my mom saw the adorable little brown/black combo bag (she's a sucker for brown and black done together when they're done right), she just had to get it as an early birthday present. Now with typical buyer's remorse it may or may not stay, but I must say its adorable. And it inspired me to look through the Milly shows and see what they're all about! Here are some of my fav looks:

Spring 2011 RTW (a.k.a the genesis of the bags):
Actually the opening look - I'm in love with the jacket and, surprisingly, the turban headband. Don't think I could pull one off myself, but pretty cute

Loving the print and the off-the-shoulder silhouette. Some of the bags had this pattern too, which was absolutely adorable!

As we all know I don't really wear color so this is a bit much for me, but... there's my mom's new bag - yay! It's so cute and a good size and surprisingly light. Let's hope she keeps it :)

Fall 2011 RTW:
Love this. Fisherman's sweater? Check. Already own it and love it. But the sparkly maxi skirt? Wish I could pull it off, don't know if I could. Regardless, really cool look.

The color and the sheen to this fabric just make it look so luxe! I think I was made for fall dressing. The colors and the layers are just so much more me (despite all the complaining I'm doing about wanting to wear skirts sans tights - that's because of an extraneous situation, a.k.a my broken foot, and not usually my dressing)

Despite my aforementioned aversion to color, I like this. The print and the shape are just simply gorgeous

Oh, and just to add a picture of me to this post:

Here is my experience of the day: the motorized scooter at Target! We were on the way to the chiropractor so all I had were my crutches, but we decided to make a quick stop to pick up some food. And I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to try something I (and I'm thinking everyone else) have always wanted to do. The motorized scooter! One drawback: it's really, really slow. As in we were late because my mom had to wait for me to show up to the checkout line - she was just waiting and I was putzing down the main aisle. Suggestion to Target: speed up your scooters! Just because I have a broken foot doesn't mean I want to shop like a turtle. Oh, and then I almost broke it running into a checkout desk. Is that why they move so slow? Who knows...

Tomorrow we get my cast off and take a look at the foot! Hopefully I'm ready for a walking boot and to start putting weight on it. Wish me luck!

milly images by style.com


  1. Hi there, I just started reading your blog and I love it! I need your help though, I recently had surgery on my foot and in a matching blue cast which sucks as I am sure you know,lol. I have a friends engagement party this weekend and don't know what to wear! I want something cute and dressy but at the same time something that will hide my ugly cast,lol. Feel free to email me if you like,Amy.

  2. i love the fishermans sweater and the maxi! perfect!

  3. oh goodness. that's pretty funny with that Target scooter. Good luck with your foot tomorrow!

    i really love the floral dress by Milly and I like the headbands, they're so cute!


  4. I love Milly!!!so nice <3
    wanna check my blog?
    we can follow each other if you like :)

  5. thank you for the comment! love that first flowered dress.


  6. I LOVE the bright red color, searching for some clothes in that color myself.


  7. Gorgeous colors!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment!<3

  8. such a beautiful collection! :)


  9. Oh wow I've never heard of Milly before but the collection looks amazing! The second picture caught my eye the most! Great post!


  10. LOVED Milly's Fall collection :D

  11. Milly is so fun and wearable, I wish I owned every piece you featured! xx

  12. @Amy - sorry it took me so long to respond! My last few days at home have been absolutely crazy, what with getting my cast off (yay!!) and seeing friends before I go back to school tomorrow. However, if you still need help with formal wear (for the party, or in the future), my suggestion would be either to find a good pair of pants that would be stretchy enough to fit over the cast, or just wear a skirt or dress and wear your cast proudly (cut up tights if necessary)! I know its not ideal to show off the cast, but I did do it to go out to a nice dinner and its not as bad you think - people understand that you are limited in your clothing options. Good luck and heal quicly!

  13. Completely in love with he red dress, so flowy and pretty!!! LOve your blog and now following. Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)



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