Monday, March 14, 2011


My new shoes. Aren't they lovely? I'm going for a "borrowed from the boys look"


Except only sort of. Clearly I'm not going for any look here, except for perhaps the "I'm still sort of handicapped and this is all I'm allowed to wear on my swollen foot" look. After getting my cast off last Wednesday (yay!!) we were surprised to discover that I didn't need a boot after all - the doctor wanted me to start slowly putting weight on my foot (with the help of crutches of course), meaning I have physical therapy three times a week and have to wear supportive tennis shoes. Supportive. What a great word. It basically means I can't wear any of my cute, normal shoes. Ballet flats? No. Moccasins? Of course not. Not like I actually have any moccasins, scootering ruined them and I had to throw them away. Sad times. But at least I'm starting to walk! I'm kind of beginning to forget what walking is like, and it worries me...

vintage necklace
urban outfitters top
jcrew pants

And here's what I wore today! We bought me some flared-ish jeans last week while I was home, because we weren't sure if I could put on my skinny pants without hurting my foot. But I can! I am back in my beloved minnies, even if they look slightly silly with my socks and tennis shoes. 

I loovvee the detailing on this shirt! Normally I don't buy (or even let myself try on/look at) full price items at urban outfitters, as they are slightly out of my college student budget, but I couldn't walk by this! I love the colors, and the slight sheerness of the pink lace bits

So I went out tonight! I know, it's a Monday. Classy right? But my friend Emily writes for the radio blog and she was covering this Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller concert and had some extra tickets. It was actually really fun! I felt very hipster - we went and got Ethiopian food before the concert, then sat and listened to the folksy (and really funny, especially Ben Kweller. new love) music while sipping coffee. Good stuff. Emily called ahead and reserved a bar stool for me, which was lovely because after the standing in line my hip was starting to hurt. Goodness, breaking my foot is making me a crotchety old woman...

Best part of the night: Besides all the great Ben Kweller songs (and his hair flopping), for sure when Emily interviewed Pete Yorn in his bus (and I sat in, as her silent "co-writer) and afterward he helped me down the stairs and held my crutches. So sweet. Apparently my parents are jealous that I got to go to his show, I bet they will love to hear that I met him.
And worst part: the fact that the stools for me (and some other semi-injured/older people) to sit on were up multiple flights of stairs. Really? You put the handicap seating up stairs? Not fun. Oh, and the large stamps I got on my hand for being under 21. I hate having stamps on the backs of my hands, makes me feel like people are judging me, especially on a weeknight.

Overall, good first day back! Now I need to get some sleep, daylight savings is messing with my head...

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  1. We hope you feel better soon! Hence, the detail on that crop top is very delicate!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥


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