Wednesday, March 2, 2011

look ma... I'm wearing real clothes!!

So guess what - it was warm today!! And you know what that means... real clothing for Alison! After lunch I came out of the dining hall (looking awesome on the scooter of course - and I have a picture of it now so you can all share in my amusement ^^) and realized that it was quite warm. And I thought to myself, "Why are you wearing sweatpants when the weather is so obviously amazing?" So clearly I went straight back to my dorm and put on a skirt. Yay.

Remember when I used to take pictures of my shoes like this? Well now its my cast. Such is my life.

old navy button down
gap tank
vintage necklace
vintage skirt
minnetonka moccasins

Sorry if the photo doesn't show off my outfit too well. But self-timer photos are, well, a bit difficult when you can only stand on one foot :)

Some photos of my lovely providers of mobility. Up top is my scooter. I've really come to appreciate it, despite how ridiculous it looks. You'd be surprised (or perhaps you wouldn't? who knows) that I get a crazy amount of weird looks when I go around campus on my scooter. I mean, I understand that its a bit out of the ordinary - why am I not on crutches like the rest of the injured people? answer: because I'm more injured then they are - but still, it's been two weeks! Haven't they all seen me already? You'd think they'd be over it by now. Whatever. I go home for spring break on Friday. Soooo necessary right now.

And the other picture is of my crutch toppers. More comfortable and infinitely more sophisticated than wash cloths :)

Oh, another reason this day was exciting: I had my first excursion on the Georgetown sidewalks with my scooter! By Georgetown I mean the neighborhood, not the school. And if you are wondering why this is my first time after being back for two weeks, its because I've been avoiding them. You may have heard in my past posts (or know from personal experience), but Georgetown sidewalks are ridiculous. Little pitfalls and loose bricks galore. Fun when watching drunk girls in heels try to navigate them. Not fun when you are the handicapped girl on a scooter trying to navigate them. But we decided to brave them to take advantage of the afternoon and get cupcakes! Sooo worth it, and actually a lovely excursion for the bed-ridden, stir-crazy broken girl. 

Well, I think Emily and I are off to the library. Not to work of course! I mean at least not on my part. I have no work. To have a muffin party! I've already had a muffin and a cupcake today... probs reached my calorie threshold for the day and beyond... but I'm broken. I deserve it. Night :)


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog girl!!

    I love the skirt you have ohhh yes I do hope your leg recovers really fast yea <3

  2. aw, I hope your legs get's better soon, and i love the florals here :) x

  3. Cute blog!
    Follow me?I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  4. Get better soon :) & beautiful skirt, I'm loving the floral print :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  5. Aww, I hope your leg gets better soon! It must really suck, especially with the weather getting warmer, to not be able to do active stuff. I love your skirt:)


  6. heal up soon! cool post. nice scooter too. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. visit me again soon

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  7. Love that vintage skirt you're wearing.


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