Monday, March 28, 2011


Is there really anything else to say? Its a Monday, and to be honest, its been a pretty bad day. After going to physical therapy I found that whatever I did to my ankle this weekend (long story) isn't permanent or anything too serious, but its made putting weight on my foot painful and inadvisable for a few days. That's not very long, but the setback is just soooo frustrating, you know?
 martin&osa tank
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 Oh, and did I forget to mention? Perhaps the reason I'm so stressed about everything going on with my foot is that today is the 2 month anniversary of that fateful day. It's just been a long road, and today is definitely been a hard day on the journey.

Wow I'm done being angsty now.... Let's see, some positive things that have happened since I last posted: We chose housing! Nicole and I had number 122 in the housing raffle (pretty average, middle-of-the-road number but still good enough to get into the Southwest Quad, where most sophmores want to end up if they are going to be in the dorms) and we got a pretty awesome room! As soon as we picked, I actually walked over to explore our new building, and even knocked on our door to see if I could possibly see our future room - and its present occupant was actually quite sweet! She invited me in, let me look around, told me her thoughts on living in the building and told me to come back if ever I had more questions. 

Ok, something else positive? Let me think... after this I think I'm going to go to the library! Why is this positive? Because at the library I get bagels and iced tea! Perfect accompaniments to working, no? And since I had my econ midterm last week and turned in my philosophy paper earlier today, this is looking like it should be a chill week. Just what I need.

So I think I'm going to head over there now... on my scooter sadly. The step back is just obnoxious. But send me healing vibes, hopefully everything will fix itself soon enough and I can be back on the fast track to walking again! Have a lovely evening :)

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