Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rainy day

Description of today, not when these pictures were actually taken (a.k.a yesterday). Its a bit sad though. Yesterday was quite a gorgeous day and today is just... ehhh. Its barely even raining, just kind of misting and cold. Enough to make a person never want to leave their room - not like I actually ever really do. Even with my cast off and the burden of having to constantly elevate my foot gone, I still find myself doing a fair amount of homework in my bed. Guess I'm just too lazy to go somewhere else. Although I have gone to the library for the last two nights! But that's mostly due to the fact that they have bagels there, and that I have an econ midterm tomorrow... we shall see how that goes. In the meantime, my outfit from yesterday:

 target tank
loft button down
vintage necklace
 jcrew pants

Yet another pair of minnies. My mom is always commenting on how much I love them - its true, I do owe her for introducing them to me, they must be my favorite pants! I would highly suggest that anyone who hasn't tried a pair to look into them. While they can be a bit pricey full-price, they often go on sale. I once found a pair for about $15! Not going to lie, it was the highlight of my day (week...)

Yet another one of my clock necklaces. Love them all, just wished they worked! But alas, they are old and don't work anymore, and I'm too cheap/lazy to see if they can be fixed

Random, but here are some little gifts I got at the fashion show this weekend! You may or may not remember, but a while ago (a.k.a before I broke my foot) I applied to work on Georgetown's spring fashion show. And I actually got the job! I was supposed to be co-chair of the talent committee (in charge of casting/dressing models - I was sooo excited) - then, of course, I broke my foot, almost had to withdraw from school and, consequently, withdraw myself from helping out. Even if I came back (which I did thankfully), backstage at a fashion show isn't really the best place for a girl on crutches. But I'm hoping that since they chose me this year that they will remember me and choose me again for next year's show.

Regardless, since I am back at school clearly I wasn't going to miss it! The theme was "A Midsummers Night Dream" and it was really great! I had a few friends model in it and one took pictures, and if I get their ok I will put some photos of it up in the next post, they did soooo well! Fun thing about the show was they gave out all these free things - gift bags, flip flops, sunglasses and, if you won a raffle (like I did) a larger item from American Eagle. And I won this bag! Honestly not something I would have necessarily bought for myself, but now that I have it I think its pretty cute and will probs get some use out of it this summer! Gotta love freebies :)

Ok now I need to finish up this post and get myself ready for class - its a long way cross-campus when you're on crutches... wish me luck!

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