Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wearing skinny pants again

Yes, I know that I wore a pair of minnies in the last post too, but I'm continually overjoyed to wear form-fitting pants now that I don't have a cast. The simple joys, right? Something I've never been good at seeing, so this is a step for me :)

 topshop shirt
 jcrew cardigan
 jcrew pants
 vintage necklaces

So, sorry its been so long since I last posted. My computer broke last week, which was quite an adventure - having a broken foot AND a broken computer is not the best combination.  One morning I woke up and went to check my email and the i key on my keyboard didn't work. I needed that key to type the password into my computer. Then I started testing other keys and discovered that the whole right side of my keyboard was completely unresponsive. Does that actually happen in real life? No, I think that things like this only happen to me. Thankfully I was still under warranty so I got a keyboard replacement overnighted to me from dell. And now I have a working computer again. Yay

Little detail shots from my outfit. I love the buttons on this cardigan, they are like shiny little beads. Only problem with these buttons (and buttons on cardigans in general) is that they bang against my crutches when I walk and make this annoying little tinkling noise. The things you don't think about with regards to crutches and clothes! There are so many outfits I'd like to wear but that I just can't seem to make work with the tennis shoes I have to wear - wearing outfits that are only cute from the ankle up is soooo awkward. And I refuse to wear tights and dresses because then I have to tuck the tights into my tennis shoes. Not happening.

Good news though is that I started physical therapy last week and I think its going really well! I'm already doing exercises where I shift over half my weight onto my left foot, and I can hobble around my room on one crutch (its really awkward and limpy and probs bad for me, so I won't actually try it in public, but at least I can!). And the physical therapist thinks she can get me off crutches faster than the doctor was planning. Its all contingent on the amount of work and pain I'm willing to put into it... large amounts of pain? Ugh. But we all have to make sacrifices, and at this point I'll do just about anything to walk normally again.

Ok, sorry again for not posting in forever, will probably put up another post tonight or tomorrow with today's outfit. But for now, I need to make my slow, crutch-y way to econ! I was going to skip since it's mostly a review day, but I'm being good... sigh. Have a lovely afternoon!


  1. Absolutely love skinny pants, those are gorgeous! Ouch to your broken foot I'm glad it's getting better :) xx

  2. Yay! I'm glad your foot is getting better--hopefully it'll be 100% soon again! I love the buttons on your sweater--they're so sparkly and pretty. I also love your shirt!!:)



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