Sunday, July 10, 2011

so. hot.

So, this skirt is a little longer than what I would usually wear (I just don't like things near my knees, I don't know why. Unless it's a full-length skirt, but those just don't look good on me anyways. So short it is) but it was for church and I liked the color so I thought why not. Stole it from my mother if you're wondering, and it's surprisingly not too small for me! She's tiny... Done rambling now. But yes, as I said in the title, it's so hot outside. Like, extremely hot. 

jcrew tank
heritage1981 belt
tulle skirt
toms shoes

 After taking these pictures I went and changed into golf clothes (with the least amount of fabric that I could get away with on the course) and attempted to play some golf with my dad. Not the best plan. Even in a golf cart, the humidity and the heat was so intense that I only made it through 6 holes... and I didn't even play about 2 of those... I know, I'm a bit pathetic. Heat does that to me. Oh, and since then I changed again to go to a movie with my friend. Into the shortest dress I own. Appropriate? Perhaps not. Necessary? Most definitely. I'm still kind of overheated to be honest. I tell you, Minnesota really is the land of weather extremes.

So this skirt is naturally even longer on me than I already have it pictured. So I decided to use my little brown belt to make it into a sort of paper-bag waist and hike it up a bit. But the color is nice, and I liked it in combo with the tank top.

 Sooo, I've worn my Toms every day since I bought them. Problem? Maybe... I know, some people I've talked to really aren't a fan of them, but I love them! They are so comfortable, and they seem to go with everything with my wardrobe (they're navy, my wardrobe is navy/other neutrals with small amounts of color sprinkled in - perfection). Wore them yesterday when I volunteered at the carousel for 4 hours yesterday, and my feet didn't hurt a bit! Doesn't mean that 4 hours isn't wayyy too long of a time spent on your feet corralling small children onto a spinning ride (so. dizzy.) but still, it helped.

Ok, we are heading out for some Thai food, so I need to wrap this up! Not that I actually have anything else to say about my life, not really - except that Beth and I went to Horrible Bosses (and snuck in some coke and Cafe Latte cake - yummy ^^) and it was actually hilarious! Apparently it was supposed to be bad? I don't know about that (and am most certainly not a movie critic) but I quite thoroughly enjoyed it. That's all! Have a lovely Sunday all :)


  1. I love your outfit! The skirt is amazing! How many dregrees are there?

  2. Great outfit! I really like the color of the skirt.
    Heat is exhausting..

  3. cute summer outfit! and now i want to see horrible bosses!

  4. I really like your blog!
    Follow me:)

  5. I like the color of your skirt too
    it matches really got into the location
    lovely blog

  6. Cute outfit! In love with the colour of your skirt!

  7. I.want.toms.! does everyone have a pair except for me? haha, these navy blue ones are nice ^^ x

  8. I love a great stripe and paired with that skirt it just pops! Your mom has good taste!

  9. hey! nice outfit! love the green skirt with the belt!



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