Wednesday, July 13, 2011

vintage shopping

So Jenny I trekked all the way to Wayzata today to do a little vintage shopping! Groupon sent me a coupon for $20 off my first deal, and it expired today - so when I went online and saw a coupon with $50 of clothes for $25, I thought it would be perfect! I found a few adorable new blouses, and with my $20 off the groupon, it only cost me $5! It was a good afternoon, definitely worth the 30-minute or so drive 

old navy shirt
charlotte russe shorts
toms shoes
sophie watch

We had a little mini-photoshoot with Sophie out in the alley! She was cute and lots of fun, that is until she tried to follow a rabbit or something into the neighbor's bushes and I had to hike through a pine tree in order to find her...

My oversized watch from Nordstrom's semi-annual sale last year! It's just a cheapie from BP, but I had been looking for something menswear-esque for awhile, and didn't feel like springing for an expensive watch (though I would love an one of Michael Kors' diver watches, especially the tortoise ones...)

So Jenny and I are sitting on the couch watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, but I need to leave for pilates in a few minutes! Will put up some pictures of my new purchases soon, they are quite cute :)


  1. Love this casual look! Your pup is adorable!!

  2. i love this outfit, i usually wear this too when i go out
    cue pup

    visit me if you have time (: (:

  3. So cute ! J'adore les bichoooons (je sais on s'en fout ;)

  4. Great outfit. I love how casual, but also chic it looks.
    And your dog is so cute. I have one too, mine is a Bichon. Is yours the same? :)

  5. Ooo! I love your watch! I've been looking for one like that! Thanks for visiting my blog, Thrift and Shout! I'm enjoying your blog! I will definitely be back!


  6. The watch looks really nice and your dog is so cute! :)


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