Monday, July 25, 2011

alexander mcqueen love

So I was watching Fashion Police the other night - hilarious show, by the way - and I fell in love with this dress that Maria Sharapova wore to the ESPYs! Here you go, I'm sure you'll adore it too

As you can see in comparison with the runway photo below, she had it shortened and added some glamorous heels. I am just loving the crystal and feather detailing, and the cut and length show her off so well!

Sarah Burton's inspiration for the Pre-fall collection was military, something not-so-new these days but which she did extra-well I think. The coats were quite literal but still gorgeous and wearable, and how can you dislike a collection with a dress like this in it? Normally I don't put up clothing from award shows or anything like this, but it was just so beautiful I couldn't resist. Now I'm off to work at Old Navy again, fingers crossed that my folding work has improved! Cheers


  1. mcqueen <333333 that dress is absolutely stunning.. as are all his other pieces lol
    jewelry giveaway!

  2. You work at Old Navy? that's so awesome! In the washionton DC area? 'cause I'm coming on vacation there in September and I'd love to see that store fo reals ^^ oh, and I work at a clothing store too, my folding work has improved after folding a million shirts. it taks practice :p x

  3. wow never thought to shorten a gown! genius, love the spunk it gives the glam look


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