Tuesday, July 26, 2011

not my usual skirt

I found this skirt at My Sister's Closet, a consignment store in the Twin Cities, the other day when mom and I were out and about in Minneapolis. They have a store right here in St. Paul in walking distance from our house, but we had never been in the Minneapolis location, so when we drove past and saw they were having their summer sale of 50% the entire store, we practically ran over the curb in our eagerness to get there. So the skirt is a bit longer than what I normally go for (as you may have noticed, I have a penchant for short lengths when it comes to skirts and dresses), but I thought that it might be nice to own a few longer skirts, when it comes to working and interviews, etc. And it is! I wore this interning today, and the soft fabric (linen I believe, judging by the wrinkles) was perfect for sitting at a desk all day.

martin&osa cardigan
jcrew tank
thrifted skirt (odille?)
peeple lures charm
toms shoes

 Yes, a cropped-head picture. Haven't seen one of these in a while, right? My pictures just weren't that attractive today, a problem I am attributing to my finnicky eyes (thus the glasses) and messy hair. Oh well.

Isn't the little eyelet print cute? I'm a fan. And the charm on my chain, below, is from a store up near my cabin in Wisconsin. I seriously have way too many little charms now, but they are so adorable and versatile! I have a weakness for all things nautical (I own multiple striped shirts and a few too many little striped dresses) and though I suppose the ship is a bit literal, I couldn't resist :)

So today was once again interning at the International Center, and I got a lot done! Did some fixing up of an itinerary for a group that is coming this week, and I wish I would be in the office to meet them, as they are from Belarus - we could speak Russian together! Alas, my only days in the office are Monday and Tuesday. But next week we have a group in from Great Britain and apparently I get to go on a meeting or two with them? Can't wait, I do love British accents... But seriously, I'm really enjoying working there! I'm learning all about interesting organizations and nonprofits in the Twin Cities, and I'm hoping to work in this field (international visitors) when I'm back in D.C. later this year. So we shall see! 

That's about all, and it looks like my week is going to be pretty boring from now on (as I was only scheduled at Old Navy once this week... grr) and I'm going to be left by myself! Well not completely, my aunt will still be here but she's gone a lot during the days. Natalie and mom are going down to Iowa to join my dad at Rag Brai, a bike ride across Iowa. Apparently it's pretty interesting, can't wait to hear stories when they get back. Hope everyone is having a great week, good night :)

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  1. Longer or not, I love the skirt and the eyelet trim! I hope you continue to love the internship (we once had one who napped all the time? Sounds like you're more disciplined!) I love the charm!


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