Thursday, July 14, 2011

blah day

So today I got up at 11 am, and not for any particular reason, considering that I went to bed before 1... and I haven't really done anything since. Let's see, I: took a shower, went with mom to pick up the car from the shop, had a massage (soooo necessary and lovely), made myself some cauliflower, and watched TV. Fascinating, huh? The exciting part of my day, however, has yet to come - Harry Potter comes out tonight! When I finish this post I'm heading over to a friend's house to watch the first part of the 7th movie, then we are heading over for the midnight showing. Can't wait, even though the theater will be absolutely swarming with the crazy fans, dressed up in costumes (not judging, some of those crazies are good friends of mine, just stating the facts ^^ actually, I dressed up for the last one...)

Yay for self-timer photos! Haha, kidding. Not about the self-timer photo part, the excited part. You know, it's so much easier to find attractive photos when you can have a living, breathing, aware-of-camera-angles person take 30 or so photos of you in 5 minutes than to set your camera on the stairs and take about 10, super-awkward photos. So bear with me folks

thrifted belt
gap jeans

 I love this top! It kind of gives me of a retro, diner-waitress vibe, you know? Probably that's just in my head. But put it on with a little black skirt and you would see just what I mean. Or maybe you wouldn't and I'm crazy. Both are definite possibilities

Is this picture awkward? I wasn't sure if it's really considered appropriate on a fashion blog to put up pictures of your jeans zipper (well, perhaps not inappropriate just kind of weird). Whatever. I just really love this belt! I know, it's just a basic brown belt. But honestly I think that everyone needs one. They are just so great for pulling together a basic outfit and giving it a little more polish. I got this one for probably 6 pounds or so when I was in England last summer, and have loved it ever since :)

Other awkward thing about self-timer photos: Since I'm in the house, I always forget to wear shoes! Therefore, I'm awkward and barefoot. Sorry about that

Home alone again... Natalie is on choir tour in Australia (jealous, right? I know I am. Except apparently the first parent email update came in, and they seem to have lost their luggage in-transit. Halfway across the world with no clothing to change into, or even a toothbrush? No thank you. I'm sending positive vibes and crossing my fingers that it will show up for them soon ^^), mom and Aunt Lori just went down to Iowa to pick up some things, and dad is working late. So sad. Next time I'll throw a rager and mess up the house, that'll show them to leave me alone :)

Ok, I need to get myself together and head out the door! To all of you who, like me, are heading to Harry Potter tonight, get excited! Only a few more hours :)


  1. Have fun at the movie! And I also love the belt and top - it's not at all surprising that you really like them.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I love self-timers, but I always suck at timing it just right. I'm either standing there foreverrrrrr waiting for it to flash, or I take too long and catch a picture of me running.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. The outfit is lovely. I really like how you styled it with that belt.
    Btw, I also use self-timers sometimes. :)

  4. thanks for stopping by... love the chic black and white outfit! cute welt pocket detail!

    take care, aimee
    diy blog:

  5. Thanks for comment on my blog :* Great look and very nice blog !!!

  6. Your blog is lovely :) And the little puppy is adorable!!!



  7. nice blouse, i've just bought something similar. thanks for the comment you left and i hope you'll visit me some day. I've posted a new look today.

  8. I love your top! So classic and chic! Thanks for visiting my blog. Following you. xx


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