Friday, July 15, 2011

rainy rainy day

Ugh, when I said yesterday was a blah day clearly I hadn't quite comprehended how blah a day can actually get. Well, maybe that's being a bit overdramatic. The activities of my day were fine, it is just absolutely horrible here, weather-wise. I woke up to the dog barking because of the thunder, and I'm sure I will go to sleep with the sound of rain pounding on the roof. Sure, some people like this weather. Just not me.

vera vera wang cardigan
topshop tshirt
martin&osa shorts
born sandals

Oh self-timer photos - yeee. That's what happens when you're left alone, yet again. But guess what? I remembered to put shoes on for these! Baby steps...

One of my only patterned/brightly-colored shirts. Thought it would spice up my rainy day. 

Went to the Mall of America today, Jenny and I wanted to check out Nordstrom's anniversary sale. I'm sad to say it wasn't very good! I really wanted to go see the pair of Frye boots I want to buy, but they weren't even in store. Sigh. But then I tried on this Dries Van Noten sweater that was just the color of that American Apparel shirt I wanted, made of cashmere of silk, and absolutely gorgeous! Too bad that even on sale it was over $200. Once again, sigh. But I guess it was good that I didn't buy anything, I definitely don't need to spend any more money.

Speaking of money, I start my job next week! While at the mall Jenny and I also ran down to the Mall of America badging office so that I could pick up my Mall of America employee badge - so now while I'm at Old Navy I can traipse around the back hallways of the mall without getting in trouble. Yay! And now I'm off to a friend's house to watch So You Think You Can Dance, have a lovely evening all!


  1. Love the floral top & cardigan combo, they look so pretty together! :)

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  2. such an oh so lovely look!
    i'm totally craving your knitted cardigan.

    xx //

  3. I'm sick of the rainy weather in the UK, it's supposed to be summer! And I know what you mean about not spending any more money, I just can't help it :) Love your cardigan!



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