Monday, July 18, 2011

really, really hot

Ok, so I keep complaining about how hot it is, how humid it is, blah blah blah... but I'm going to do it again today. It's freaking hot! Apparently earlier this afternoon the heat index was 112 degrees, and yesterday it was so steamy that every time I stepped outside my glasses fogged up. Yes, yes it is that humid in Minnesota. It's gross. And I had to dress business casual-ish today for my internship, a.k.a. no tiny sundress like I would normally wear on a day like this. Oh so sad

 necklace from vacation 
jcrew button down
target skirt
born sandals

So mom and I braved a quick trip out of the air-conditioned house and into to the alley to take pictures, but it wasn't until I approved the pictures and came back inside that I noticed they have the weirdest lighting! As you may notice from the detail shot below, my shirt is a light purpleish-pink. However in all the full-body shots, it looks basically white. So, sorry about that. It happens. This was a good outfit though to transition from my fairly casual office to having to make it through the rest of this amazingly hot day, as the button down is fairly sheer and the skirt a nice, light cotton. Haven't worn either piece in a while, and I like them both!

Sorry I haven't posted for the last few days, but I haven't really worn anything cute for awhile it seems!  I know, nothing cute on the weekend? Kind of a problem. Saturday morning dad woke me up so that I could go bike riding with him for about 10 miles or so, with a stop for coffee on the way. Afterward, he suggested I help with some gardening work, by the end of which I was dying. Then I showered and headed over to volunteer at the carousel, which means my requisite volunteer shirt and some short shorts to combat the heat (we closed early anyways, as the heat index surpassed at what it is safe to run the carousel). Then I threw on my Old Navy romper (as I've worn here) and headed over to my friend Colleen's house to go out for the evening! When I made it home in the morning (having put back on said romper since I didn't bring any other clothes) I wasn't feeling too well so I collapsed on the couch and didn't move. All. Day. Like actually, I napped and read for probably about 7 hours? Picture me with messy hair, in glasses and my little black romper, and sprawled on a couch. Yeah, it was a pretty attractive day.

So, we ordered some pizza from a new place in St. Paul that just opened, and I get to have a little dinner with my family! Oh, and update on my sister in Australia (don't know if you recall, but a post or two ago I mentioned she was there on choir tour and that the group had lost their luggage!), apparently most all of the luggage - including hers - has been found! I'm so happy that now she can enjoy her trip worry-free. Have a lovely evening!


  1. Haha funny
    rompers are awesome

    pop me a visit if you have time :3

  2. Cutee skirt :)

    x Camilla


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