Saturday, July 2, 2011

reed krakoff

Ok, can we talk for a bit about how obsessed I am with Reed Krakoff? In all the magazines I've been reading lately, his bags just seems to be everywhere! And you can always tell they're his by that distinctive belt detail around the top. Gorgeous. So anyways, since I'm currently in the Northwoods right about now hopefully enjoying some gorgeous weather out on the lake, here are some photos from his ad campaign/fall 2011 collection (there are photos for the pre-spring 2012 collection here, but that just seems a bit excessive considering we are currently living summer 2011, doesn't it?)

Feel like this just says it all. I mean, look at that bag! The different shades of tan, the black detailing...  Why don't I own this? Oh yeah, it's $1490...

His show was full of amazing outerwear, as was the trend this past fall, but his were especially well-cut and classic I think. And his dresses are gorgeous, though they got a bit of criticism for being too difficult to wear, with the long sleeves and the belting around the hips... still, I've always been one for looser, leggier looks :)

Sooo, this is basically what I want to be wearing this fall! Rich neutrals (with a bit of color thrown in, especially if it's that burgundy dress) with a lot of texture and layers. Speaking of fall textures, why don't I like wool?? I feel like this is going to be a problem for me as I go on through life... Anyways, hope you enjoy, and hope your weekend is going swimmingly! (some swimming would be good too ^^)


  1. Gorgeous pics!! Inspiring!

  2. This collection is wonderful and indeed the bag is gorgeous!


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