Wednesday, July 27, 2011

summer business casual

So today is my first day home alone, yet again (well, Aunt Lori is still here, but as I said she is out and about a fair amount), so... yay for self-timer photos! I must say, I think I've found a pretty good spot in our back porch, so today (for once) I didn't do too badly! I had training for my other internship (this ones all online, helping to search-engine optimize videos for a non-profit in the Twin Cities) and I wasn't sure how to dress, so I figured a button-down can never hurt!

gap button-down
theory shorts
born sandals

 So both the shorts and the shirt are consignment store finds, and I'm pretty proud of myself for the shorts! They were one of my finds from My Sister's Closet in Minneapolis, and with the 50% sale they were basically $20 - when would you ever find something by Theory for that cheap? Only annoying thing is that I noticed a loose thread on their hem while I was on the phone and absentmindedly pulled it - and managed to pull the hem off the right short, causing it to sometimes flip down. As I normally wear them cuffed, this hasn't posed too much of a problem so far...

Alison, repaint your toenails! This is getting ridiculous, I'm sorry. I paint my toenails in the summer (which takes a lot of coaxing in and of itself - I'm just much too lazy) then basically let them go until the big toe is practically unpainted. As you may have noticed, the big toe is basically the only one painted. Classy, aren't I? I think this shirt is absolutely adorable. The sleeves are perfect for rolling up, the fabric has a nice amount of stretch, and it has this little tie around the neck! I haven't been brave enough yet to see if I could tie it in a little bow (would that even work?) but it is perfect to dress up a basic outfit, I especially like to wear it with skinny jeans and a little pair of ballet flats. Perfect slightly-dressed-up casual dressing :)

So I picked up a dress from the tailors today that I can't wait to wear! I bought it at a vintage store in the Twin Cities a while back and though it was huge, I thought I could just belt it and it wouldn't be a problem. It was. So, probably about a year later, I got it taken in! Although I'd say it's a bit long for this weather (a.k.a. too much fabric for the sauna that is Minnesota) I can stop thinking about how it would be perfect with an oversized, chunky knit and some boots. Regardless of that dream, I should be able to show it off before December I'd think!

In other news, tomorrow Mckenna and I are going to a zumba class! Only problem - I can't really move my hips, and have very little rhythm in general. Should be interesting, no? Pray for me... :) Anyways, have a lovely evening!


  1. you took all of these with a self timer??? awesome job...


  2. You look simple but lovely !!


    btw, wanna follow each other ?

  3. Really love the shirt, it looks like the perfect fit & soft material. Totally need to buy some more myself, i like that it looks both preppy & cute :)

    In other news, just started following & saw that you go to georgetown uni - my bf & i visited it a few years ago & i loved it, such gorgeous buildings (i'm a londoner & he's a new yorker, but we both love looking around universities whenever we spot a good one!) I miss campus fashion, maybe I should go back & do a phd ;)

    Katie x

  4. Cute outfit!


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