Saturday, July 30, 2011

new things

Yay for new clothing! These are a few pieces I got recently but haven't been able to wear yet, either from their dressiness or weather-inappropriateness, respectively. So here you go!

So this dress is label-less, but the tag from the store says it was from H&M? I don't really know, except to say that if I had seen this dress in-store I wouldn't have missed it... look at the little petal details on the sleeves, how cute! And it's a bit on the longer side (I mean, on the longer side for me. See yesterday's post. I mean, it's still above the knee and everything) so it's appropriate for a variety of occasions. Can't wait to wear it! Maybe I'll make my parents go out to a nice dinner with me? Ooh, we could go to the club and I could get their amazinggg lobster mac&cheese. Yes. It's a plan

I know this sweater must look a bit ridiculous on the hanger, with its shoulder pads and sequin circles everywhere. But it's actually adorable on! I'm thinking in the fall with some skinny jeans and ballet flats or boots, it could be perfect. Once again, it will be awhile before I get to wear fall clothes though :(

And best thing about these purchases? Together, they were less than $15! They were some of my other purchases at the My Sister's Closet 50% off summer sale, so the dress was only $5, and the sweater was $6.50, I think? So basically, I'm pretty awesome. Just kidding, that sounds obnoxious. But hopefully the weather is awesome where I am right now, up north at my friend's cabin! As this post is scheduled, I honestly have no idea if it is... So send good vibes towards Minnesota everyone :) And have a lovely Saturday!


  1. Ooh, good finds. I love the jumper especially! x

  2. I love the sweater it's so cool! I'm your new follower please follow back I like your blog!


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