Tuesday, November 1, 2011

new sweaterdress

Apparently on my arrival at the dinner table this evening, my friend Jess said to Nicole "Alison's dress looks like it's too big for her," to which Nicole replied - "she probably bought it too big. Why do you think her entire wardrobe is oversized?" She knows me too well. I mean, the reason I got this dress in a large was because that was all that was left, and I liked the look of it belted - but to be honest, would I really have gone for a different size had it been available

vintage necklace - one of the newest sent to me by Grandma :)
madewell dress
jcrew belt
star ling boots 

 So the necklace, dress, and belt are from my mom's visit to me - we may have spent a bit of time shopping? It was all on sale though, don't worry, and in case you wondering, J. Crew's student discount applies to sale items now. Pretty exciting, I know.

Well, I would say these boots are sufficiently broken in scuffed now. And I'm in love with this necklace! You can't tell in the picture, but it has a little bow and flower decorations on it, AND it opens and closes - a.k.a. I'm obsessed

Also, note the slit on the side of this dress? Had I bought it in a small, I most definitely would not have been able to wear it as a stand-alone dress - and we all know how I feel about tunics (and in case you don't know - I hate them). 

Sorry for the various sizes of these photos and for the super messy lovely background - they were just taken about 20 minutes ago by my roommate after I got back from a cappella. I just didn't want to not show (double-negative? why yes) this new dress, and showing it on a hanger just wasn't as fun. So there you go. My throat hurts, and I still have homework yet to do tonight, so that is all for me! Hope you had a lovely Tuesday :)


  1. Legit, that dress is a tad big...but I'll wait to judge in person. BTW depressed that you haven't mentioned the fact that I'm visiitng in two days on your blog yet..........

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  3. Lovely dress & gorgeous boots.

  4. Cute outfit! Love that sweater dress.

  5. I always prefer to buy my tops a little oversized because I love wearing them as dresses! (or paired with tights, a scarf and a coat during the winter!( :) I love this look, the dress looks great when it is more oversized and belted, it goes really nicely with your boots as well!



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