Sunday, November 27, 2011

last night home...

Sooo these photos for some reason managed to be both seriously unattractive and quite blurry, making it pretty much impossible for me to put together a good post (not to fault my mother's photo-taking skills) - so I apologize in advance for what is coming. However, I think my outfit is quite adorable, if I do say so myself (from what you can see of it that is)

vintage blouse
street fair pendant
gap jeans
nordstrom boots

I still have yet to find what's wrong with this blouse! Every time I put it on I remember the "$8, as is" tag, but it seems just perfect to me - if it means I get it for cheaper, I'll take it

And here is a lovely picture of me in my grandmother's old hat - it was just lying around in the kitchen so I put it on for some carol-singing :) Don't I just look adorable? (And sidenote: notice that gorgeous tree in the background? Picked out by yours truly, thank you very much)

And last but not least, what you always what for in my posts - amusing life anecodote! Just pretend you care please? My family did the Advent candle lighting this morning at church, and after the service this lady that none of us had ever met before came up and asked if we wanted a picture together - apparently we all looked so perfect, she wanted to know if we coordinated outfits! It was very sweet and made me happy, funny though that anyone thought our family was organized to plan outfits, let alone get out the door on time... (Oh and as another sidenote,  Nicole has been expressing her discontent over the lack of funny anecdotes containing her in my posts - does this count as an anecdote? I think so. You're welcome roomie)

And now I have to go pack, as I'm leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow! 5:45am, can anyone say coffee? I'm hoping if I really concentrate I can actually get on my flight this time. Have a good night, hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving break!


  1. adorable outfit indeed. That tree is incredible! X

  2. Wooow!!!! Your blog is really stunning....AND you look so gorgeus in these pictures!!!! :) :)


    I'll watt your answer on my blog...AND then I'll follow you back!!! <3



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