Sunday, November 6, 2011

apologies and recognition

I know, I know - I said I would be a better blogger, with semi-regular posting and everything, but here I am, the last post I did on Tuesday, hanging my head with shame. And I don't even have new photos for you right now! I'm just checking in, saying that I remember my pact, and that once things calm down (i.e. my lovely friend Jenny heads back to California, something that will make me very sad) that posting will resume. It will. 

 And now, so this post isn't just contrite and word-filled, here are some pictures from New York that I never posted: FOOD. Enjoy... (we ate a lot)

Beth's hot chocolate with an adorable little teddy bear on the cup! I, of course, had already gotten myself a crappy cappuccino from the lovely Dunkin' Donuts (and I say that with so much love. Their cappuccinos are amazing. I just don't think they can be called that in any way, shape, or form) and felt very much like a corporate sell-out when we walked into this little hipster coffee shop in the East Village for Beth to get her drink...

Peach pie! That was about an hour after Beth had a muffin from the aforementioned hipster coffee shop and maybe two after I had my Dunkin' Donuts doughnut. We may have subsisted only on pastries?

Just kidding! We also had cheese and noodles. I don't even like mac and cheese, but I liked this. It was from S'mac, also in the East Village. Mine was mac and cheese with brie, figs, and mushrooms - a.k.a. best thing ever.

My one attempt at healthy food our entire trip. We went to dinner at this hummus restaurant right near Lincoln center, and I had soup and a salad. Vegetables? Really? I was pretty proud of myself too. And their mint tea was to die for.

Well you've already seen these but I had to show them again. Laduree macaroons. Sigh. Enough said.

Beth and I drinking our chocolate drinks (frozen and hot, respectively) at Max Brenner's before we went to see a movie! Not pictured is the amazing dessert pizza that we ordered and snuck into the movie theater instead of buying overpriced popcorn. 

There you go! Now I need to go get ready, Jenny and I are doing a little sight-seeing monument trip this morning and I need to get ready! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend


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