Tuesday, November 8, 2011

weekend with jenny

It's now Tuesday, and I am halfway done with my three days from hell! I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I think I might survive - for all of you who are slightly confused by my melodramatics (though if you don't recognize how prone I am to it by now I'm slightly worried?) Jenny left at the crack of dawn yesterday, then I spent all day studying for the International Relations midterm I had last night, then I went straight to a review session for the Economics midterm I have tomorrow, which I have been studying for all of today... phew. Regardless, I look very cute today and will hopefully get Nicole to take some lovely room photos for use in tomorrow's post, but for now you get some lovely photos of Jenny and I's excursions from the weekend!

Jenny and I vintage shopping and wandering the U Street neighborhood Saturday morning. Also - can we note that in the picture below I'm holding a cupcake from a shop that I've never been too before!? How is that even possible? Of course, I had to rectify the situation. 

Jenny and I just really enjoyed this sign for some reason. Maybe its because I was so baffled about how efficient the government was, to get this sign up in only a few months?

It was such a beautiful day at the monuments on Sunday! Only problem is Jenny and I were quite overdressed - I wore not only a sweater, but my North Face as well. So. Hot.

target sweater
coach bag
citizens of humanity jeans
minnetonka moccasins

Can I just point out that these jeans are actually too long for me? When has that ever happened! I've lost count of all the pairs of pants I've had to pass over because they made me look like I'm waiting for the flood. But a pair that's too long? Unheard of! I'm excited, just saying...

And here's Jenny in her new cardigan and moccasins, also quite cute! 

Ok, I should be saying more, but Nicole and I are currently watching Gilmore Girls and it's really hard for me to focus... So that's it! Good night all

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