Wednesday, November 9, 2011

perfect fall afternoon

Today I wore my suede boots and my dad's old cashmere sweater, got a pumpkin cupcake and a latte, and had a beautiful walk in the fall leaves - to paraphrase from my facebook status from today. But it's true! It was one of those beautiful, sunny, and crisp days of the fall, and my midterms are over! Things just might be looking up. And I looked adorable, in my own, self-centered opionion...

dads sweater
hanes tshirt
jcrew skirt
street fair pendant
target boots

 Once again, sorry for all the awkwardly sized photos, its what happens when we take indoor photos and I have to attempt to crop out as much of the messiness as possible. Also, want to hear a funny anecdote about how these indoor photos are taken? With the lights off. Why? Because taking them in the dark with a flash is preferable to the horrid-ness of fluorescent lights. It is the most ridiculous process ever.

Thought I'd take off the sweater and show you the look with the tshirt as well, as it was actually so nice today that I didn't really even need the sweater! Can I make a suggestion to all of you out there? Yes? Ok (I feel like I'm on Dora the Explorer). Buy men's Hanes tshirts. Wash and dry them and they shrink to just the perfect comfy but not too loose size. And they're like 6 for $5. It's perfection.

So the awkward thing about this skirt (which my mom so lovingly sent me in a care package last week by the way. Made my day) is that its a silk underskirt with a lace overlay, and the whole time I was walking, I kept feeling like the underskirt was riding up! And that would not even be the first time I walked around with my skirt accidentally pushed up to my hip - don't judge me, I was wearing tights. And my bookbags always seem to push my skirts to places I would prefer they weren't when I'm not paying attention. It happens.

I can't believe it! My midterms are over, and I survived! Now it's nothing but regularly scheduled readings and homework assignments until finals in the beginning of December. And I go home for the first time since coming back to school in exactly two weeks. I'm one of those dorky college students that actually loves hanging out with their family way too much, and I really can't wait. Hope you all had a great Wednesday!

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