Friday, November 25, 2011

happy black friday everyone!

And, I suppose... happy thanksgiving! I actually would've made that the title, if it was still technically correct. However, my black Friday shopping kind of got in the way of that. Did you know I'd actually never gone black Friday shopping before today of course you wouldn't know that? But my friend Jenny wanted me to come with and I thought, why not? It was an experience that's for sure...

all saints blouse
j.crew cardigan and skirt
minnetonka moccasin boots

So this lovely little photoshoot was taken outside my Grandma's house yesterday, pre-dinner. And thank god it was... I ate so much! Jenny came and picked us up around 8 to head out so I changed into skinny jeans and a tshirt for easier shopping, and can I tell you - my jeans were not that happy that about that third slice of cake I had (but can you blame me? Look down to the bottom of the post for the cake Natalie baked and tell tell me you could resist that)

 So I'm loving my new boots! Picked them up at Off Saks on Wednesday at 40% off, and they are already fitting in with my wardrobe perfectly! Only problem is, I think they make my legs look stumpy when I wear them with jeans... Not quite sure what to do about this, since I wear skinny jeans oh, 90% of the time? But I figure, I also wear tights and skirts a lot. And I have pretty long legs - so I can afford to make them look a bit shorter? (That's probably really bad reasoning I know...)

So it's been a while since I've posted - you haven't even heard my airport hell story! That's just not acceptable, and even though I probably shouldn't tell it because it makes me sound extremely stupid, I will tell it anyways. Because it's funny. So here you go: I woke up at 6:50 Tuesday morning, got myself to the airport, and was sitting in the terminal by 8:10 for my 9:30 flight. Then the flight got delayed until 10:15 and my gate was really busy, so I went to sit across the hall and wait for it to get called. Then around 9:50/9:55 I walked over to the gate to see - flight to Philadelphia is closed. Excuse me, what? I run downstairs to the gate, where the lady tells me: "they called you by name honey, but you didn't come! The plane left without you" - I literally died, right there. Like started hyperventilating, crying, almost passed out... It was ugly. I had to go talk to a gate agent, and since I would have missed my connection in Philadelphia anyways, they were quite helpful on getting me on other flights. This story is getting pretty long and you got the funny part, so here's the gist: I think I am the only person in the world to miss their plane while sitting at the gate, and I didn't get home until 9pm, (and my luggage didn't get here until the next morning). And I am an idiot. The end.

Hope you all had a lovely Turkey day and, if unlike me and you can still handle the sight of food, here is a photo of my amazing sister's even-more-amazing cake:

p.s. Lies about the whole me not being able to look at food anymore thing - I'm going to go eat some cake for breakfast now :)


  1. That cake....Oh my gosh. I'm hungry just looking at it! Lucky you! I like the outfit, too :)

    Quench Fab

  2. Great outfit =)

  3. that cake looks yummy! I love your shoes X

  4. i love those olive green booties. so cute

    xoxo katlin

  5. We don't really do the whole "black friday" thing here in the UK, but I would definitely have a slice of Natalie's cake if it were here!

  6. the shoes, the shirt, the cake... yum!


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