Saturday, November 12, 2011


So these photos are from a while back - I think I wore this Monday? - but I insisted on taking photos because I'm really a fan of my new top! As Jenny said when we were in J. Crew and I was buying this - "How is it that both you and your mom can just walk into a store and find that one piece that there's only one left of, AND is on sale, AND is perfect on you? Maybe I just don't have enough practice shopping...." I mean, as I've said in the past, I only hope I can inherit some of my mom's shopping ninja skills. So here you go:
jcrew top and pants
vintage necklace
star ling boots

 Very equestrian, right? So mom got me these minnie pants (one of my two favorite types of pants you know - minnies and gap legging jeans) last Christmas and I hadn't worn them until now! I honestly have no idea, since they are so comfortable, and the khaki color is adorable. One problem I think is that when I'm not wearing boots/some sort of shoes with them, they kind of blend in with my legs and I look like I'm not wearing pants? Oh well, they're adorable anyways.

I'm beating this shoes up more and more. But I have to say, I like them more because of it! Do you guys ever feel like that, like the more worn an item is, the more special it feels?

First basketball game of the season today! As soon as I'm done writing this post (which should be soon since I'm going to make everyone late to breakfast...) I'll get all dressed up in blue and gray and we'll all go scream our lungs out and go crazy at the Verizon Center! Hope the team is good this year, fingers crossed... well, I hope you are all having a good weekend so far :)


  1. Great outfit, love your pants.

  2. I love the equestrian look, riding boots are a nice staple XX

  3. You're adorable!! I can rarely make kaki pants work but you do it nicely!!

  4. great combination ! love the boots


  5. really nice outfit but i couldn't help not noticing that your best thing is your smile :)


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