Monday, November 14, 2011

grandpa cardigan

I finally found my perfect grandpa cardigan! I absolutely love my oversized oatmeal one from Vera by Vera Wang (I mean, I found it for $4, it's soft, it's large... basically my idea of heaven) but I was just wearing it too much. So when my mom was here, one of our main shopping missions was to find me another cardigan to fill out  my collection - but they all had wool! And we all know my delicate skin just can't handle wool (much as I wish it could). But Colleen and I were out wandering M Street this afternoon and popped into H&M where voila, there it was! Perfection in the form of a cardigan - black, oversized, yarn that was just the perfect chunkiness, brown buttons, elbow patches, and no wool!

I would tell you more but I am on a mission to go to bed before midnight which means I have... 5 minutes to put this post up! Just wanted to say hello and share my find with you, a longer life update will hopefully come tomorrow. Have a good night :)


  1. hahah this is cute i love sweaters like that. and the elbow pads are so cute.
    i love the preppy ralph lauren feel.

    xoxo katlin

  2. Love it, can't beat a nice, chunky knit.

  3. a grandpa cardigan PLUS elbow patches?!? that's a double whammy!!!

  4. I love oversize sweaters and cardigans, this one is just perfect :-)

  5. Nice cardigan!

  6. I love this cardigan! I have the same one and it is so versatile (and warm and cozy). Can't wait to see how you wear it. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog!


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