Monday, January 9, 2012

goodbye home

Vintage cardigan, ring, and bracelet; H&M dress; Nordstrom scarf; Sorel boots

 Mom shrunk my cardigan. I know, I know, it was so oversize to begin with you probably won't believe me when I say that I bought it when it was bigger. But I really do love oversize sweaters. Oh well, the good thing about it being super-oversized to start with is that post-shrinking, it's still pretty oversized.

One of my pretty new pieces of loot from Grandma's house this break - isn't costume jewelry just the best? I love how sparkly it is, it just brightens up anything you wear. And you should see all the jewelry I've picked up this break! When it comes to jewelry hand-me-downs, I really am a spoiled girl...

Glad I can finally put up a real outfit post! Last day before I go home but better late than never I guess? There isn't much in my head that's witty right now, probably it's all the post-surgery painkillers, so I will just bid you all bon nuit :)


  1. love that vintage costume ring! cute outfit x


  2. That bracelet is beautiful! I hate it when my clothes shrink and lose their shape. No else notices but you just know that it's not the same!

  3. Pretty outfit. The jewellery is beautiful! X

  4. cute outfit! I have those same boots, aren't they the best? super warm but also super adorable :)


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