Friday, January 13, 2012

more hanger outfits

Forever 21 necklace; Kirkland cashmere sweater (thanks dad); J. Crew Skirt; Target boots

 So, I've discovered that when outfits are not dresses they are much harder to hang up and photograph in a non-awkward way - I'm sure you didn't get that from the above photo, right? I promise in real life my torso is much longer, since my skirt doesn't start where I hooked it to the hanger, a.k.a approximately where my shoulders should be. I'm really loving the deep greens in this outfit though, and the fun new  piece I picked up at Forever 21 over the break - I find that the few pieces of jewelry I own that don't come from my grandmothers are all ridiculous costume pieces from Forever 21. Not sure how these two tastes really go together (vintage chains, cameos, and... oversize rhinestones?) but I love them both. 

Today was a lovely day, once the whole class part of it was over - I still maintain that two hours of Russian on Fridays will be the death of me. But then I went out to a lovely pasta dinner with the girls, baked a funfetti cake, and watched The Devil Wears Prada. So many amazing clothes! Makes me wish it was actually that easy to get a job in the fashion industry, and that I would really have that many designer clothes if I ever happened to get said job... Ah well, such is life. Have a good night,


  1. darling that necklace is so fabuloous.
    and those shoes are so amazing

    xoxo katlin

  2. The outfit combination is so cute X

  3. love that necklace! it's just gorgeous x


  4. Gorgeous outfit,I adore your necklace. You learn Russian? I'm Russian, privjet ;) <3

  5. I just love this sweater and skirt look. :) x


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