Tuesday, January 24, 2012

simple stripes

Forever 21 necklace; H&M shirt; American Eagle cardigan; Gap jeans; Mercanti Fiorentini (from DSW) loafers

 So, to put it mildly, yesterday was a busy day - went to dinner at 5:30 and didn't get back to my room until 2:00 am. And the worst part is: Nicole and I haven't watched tv together for days. Considering my past three semesters of utter laziness, this is honestly kind of a traumatizing fact. 

I wasn't really feeling up to dressing myself this morning, so honestly I just threw this together in like 5 minutes with the usual formula - skinny jeans, flats, cardigan, jewelry... I suppose since I graduated from high school and the requisite pleated navy skirts, this has become my new "uniform" (add in an oversize button down and you have me in a nutshell). But as the weather appears to be improving - did I mention that it snowed this past weekend? It was amazing - I have some ideas for the rest of this week, we shall see...

I think it's the lack of sleep, but I really don't have anything else witty to say - so I suppose I will leave you all with a good night!


  1. i love your shoes--so laid back! x


  2. The necklace is beautiful. Nice thrown together outfit X

  3. What an adorable casual outfit! I'm now following you on Bloglovin'. :)

    Step into Estherina's World

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