Tuesday, January 31, 2012

bright colors

 Tea n Rose Blouse; J. Crew skirt; Minnetonka Moccasin moccasins

As Nicole was taking these pictures on our way back from the dining hall, she said that they were a bit grainy - now that I'm back in the room and looking through the photos I realize that it is because, once again, we forgot to check the settings before we took the photos. So once again you get some unfortunately-textured pictures (not to fault my lovely photographer and roommate)

But another note - how bright is the shirt I'm wearing right now?! Aren't you all proud? I mean, it was a Christmas present from my sister and I probably would never have taken something that bright off the racks but - as we've seen with my seafoam blouse - give me color in oversized, sheer blouse format and I can't help but like it!

In other news, it was absolutely gorgeous today in DC (as in, 60 degrees gorgeous) and I walked to Safeway for the first time this year! Highlight of the trip? The french bread and nutella I bought for myself - now if only Nicole would get back to the room for our late-night TV-and-snack time, it would be a perfect day! Good night all :)

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