Thursday, January 12, 2012

post-christmas clothes

... Help, maybe? My post-Christmas closet - I mean, having too many clothes is not the worst problem a girl could have. A small closet, on the other hand, can be quite an issue

J. Crew dress; Gap scarf and boots

Until Saturday I am roommate-less, therefore you will all have to content with me hanging my outfits up (in case you were wondering, tights don't hang that nicely, that's why they aren't here - it's not like it was 70 in D.C. or anything that nice) and taking unfortunate in-room photos. I'm really a fan of this outfit though! The dress is the same one I wore out to dinner with my friends a few weeks ago and the boots and scarf are some sale pieces picked up from Gap right before I came back. They're both so comfortable! Seriously, the scarf is like cashmere, and the boots are shearling - it's quite lovely.

Still suffering from post-wisdom teeth pain, still not feeling like rambling on oh-so-wittily I hope about my life. So this is all. Good night!

P.S. I'm adding this little signature to the end of my posts, with the new year I want to show a little love - a heart, if you will - to my all my readers (I hope I have a few besides my mom and my roommate) because, really, I so appreciate you stopping by once and a while to check out what I'm writing! So please continue, and thank you :)


  1. Ahh, the burden of the dorm closets! I hated that last year haha.

  2. Just found your blog, sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. That is so painful. I really like that striped top, the zipper makes it so unique too. Great post- following you now


  3. Aww, sorry about your tidy wardrobe, my wardrobe covers a whole wall of my room -thank goodness.
    Love the striped dress !

  4. I like so much this post. Well done.


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