Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the weather lies

Guess jacket; Banana Republic scarf and sweater; Gap jeans; Target boots; Coach bookbag; Vintage ring

So, apparently it's not spring. The weather last week? Just a cruel joke to make us all thing that it would be summer soon, when really, it's not. At all. Today, it was boots, jacket, and scarf weather. Is that not what I wanted? Maybe. But now that I have it back again, I'm missing my sunny, napping-on-the-lawn weather.

Wow. Nicole and I are watching Gilmore Girls right now and I really can't focus. So, I guess that's it? Good night all.


  1. Sweet bag! Love it<3

  2. that ring is so pretty!
    i love this casual look. and yay for looking so happy!

    xo kaitlin


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