Tuesday, March 13, 2012


all photos from www.alexanderterekhov.com

So, this isn't technically official yet or anything, but I'm going to tell you all a secret - I will most likely  be spending my summer in Moscow! In preparation for my time in Russia/avoiding my homework, what did I do this afternoon but look up Russian fashion and shopping!

While poking around, I found a couple things - one, unfortunately, Russian vintage stores seem to be sorely lacking (or if they aren't, they are seriously underadvertised/hard to locate using the web). Secondly, however, while reading an article on young Russian designers I discovered Alexander Terekhov! The photos above are from his Spring/Summer collection, which is filled with beautiful patterns and breezy silhouettes. And may I suggest you go to his website and look up his Pre-Fall collection? It has everything I could ever want - a.k.a muted colors, simple silhouettes (but with unique little details), pops of lace, and gorgeous coats. So maybe I'll find some interesting clothing in Russia yet? We'll see!

Since coming back to school life has been absolutely insane, a.k.a absolutely no time for outfit posts. But the good news is it's absolutely gorgeous outside! As in, today it was 75 degrees, and tomorrow I'm going to try my best to take outfit pictures - in shorts. But now, I'm off to bed, so night all!

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  1. I love the idea of researching local fashion before traveling! That's so great, and Terekhov's designs are fascinating.


    17 Candles xoxo


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