Friday, March 23, 2012

the end of hats

Romeo and Juliet Couture cardigan; Zara tshirt; Vintage necklace; J. Crew belt; Banana Republic shorts; Toms

With the weather getting warmer every day, how much longer will I be able to wear my sweaters, my variuos copious pairs of boots, or my oversized sweaters? It is a serious concern. You see, to be honest, when I can't layer (as so often happens in the summertime), I just don't know what to wear! Without the cardigan and floppy hat, what is this outfit? A t-shirt and shorts. That's it.  And where's the fun in that?

So yeah. I'm really tired and can't think of anything else to write about. Went to the midnight premier of The Hunger Games last night, got into bed around 4 am, then got up at 8:30 for 3 or so hours of classes... It's been a rough morning. So on that note, I'm done! Have a lovely weekend all :)


  1. awesome necklace! i love toms :)

  2. Cute hat and the necklace is amazing. The green colour is so bold and add perfectly to the outfit.


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